I was recently discussing with a friend the problems I have been having with my in-between jobbery. I mentioned that while the gigs might pay well, they were few and far between. To this, he says, “well, that happens to be pretty much the definition of freelancing.” And so there you have it – I have entered the world of freelancing.

Two weeks ago, I was working with the Smart Museum for their contemporary show from China, Displacement. Thanks to new regulations on Chinese art, something like 30% of the works were tied up in customs. This meant less art installation and more (so much more) painting. The exhibit should be super progressive and mostly video installations. My inner A/V came out and I fidgeted with the mounts for five 42″ flat screens. The Smart, like any university museum worth its weight in alumnis, was a real gem. Take a look: http://smartmuseum.uchicago.edu/

This past week, I found myself at the scene shop for the Steppenwolf Theater – of all places. I was fair warned that the workshop was in an “unsavory” part of town – and was not let down by this description in the slightest. Put it this way, I will think long and hard before I take a job that is west of Western again. This happened to be quite the ways away west of Western and was more like just east of Cicero. Yikes. I was let on as overhire for the production of August: Osage County and was charged with finalizing the props for play’s shipment to the London National Theater. The website for the Broadway version is pretty action packed: http://www.augustonbroadway.com/

Here is a peek at the upstairs storage – more pics to soon follow….

rows and rows of fake/real things

A peek at the props: rows and rows of fake/real things